Unwavering commitment to tight specification ensure a consistent product in each and every carton of our fine beef


Scrutinising the performance of every Riverina Angus beef carcase and aiming to replicate perfection is the well-worn path we have carefully strode down since launching the brand in 2012.

Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Beirut are all regular destinations for Riverina Angus beef. Fine restaurants and specialty retailers turn to Riverina Angus to satisfy their astute customers.

Backed by Australia’s class-leading eating quality assessment tool, Meat Standards Australia (MSA), every portion of Riverina Angus is guaranteed to be tender, juicy and full of flavour. This science-based grading instrument, which has been USDA process verified, was developed through consumer trials from across the world to ensure overall eating quality.

Independent verification of a claim of quality is the hallmark of true greatness. Riverina Angus is the proud winner of gold medals from branded beef award competitions across Australia including being crowned Champion at the 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Processing Facility Riverina Beef Est 517
Feeding Regime Especially Formulated Grain
Breed Min 75% (F2) Verified Black Angus
Dentition Young Prime (YP)
Marble Score AusMeat 2+ – (USDA Choice Equivalent)
Meat Colour lb – 3
Fat Colour 0 – 3
Quality Grade Meat Standards Australia (MSA)